5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Dental Cleanings
By Miswak Dentistry
January 28, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Wondering just how important those six-month dental checkups truly are?

It’s important to put some time aside to care for your smile. Besides the oral routine you go through daily to keep teeth clean, you also want to visit the dentist every six months for checkups. After all, during these professional cleanings, our Chicago dentist, Dr. Tariq Riyal, can detect problems early on, provide effective treatment, and ensure that you have a beautiful smile that lasts.

Read on to learn five long-term smile benefits:

Preventing decay and gum disease

Most people have some degree of dental decay; however, decay can continue to eat away at enamel until it causes a cavity. It’s common for most people to miss certain spots between and around teeth when brushing and flossing, which leaves plaque and tartar buildup to damage enamel. By coming in twice a year for cleanings, we can remove the plaque and tartar buildup that you missed, and detect decay early on to prevent it from spreading further.

Treating problems early to prevent complications

Unfortunately, many common problems like gum disease don’t cause symptoms until the more advanced stages. So, how are you supposed to detect it early on before it causes permanent damage to your smile? By turning to our family dentist in Chicago every six months. While you might not notice subtle changes in your teeth or gums, that’s what we’re trained to do. By catching problems like gum disease early we can prevent issues such as tooth loss.

Screen for oral cancer

With the increase in mouth cancers over the last few years, it’s now more important than ever to be able to detect early signs of oral cancer when it’s still highly treatable. The best way to catch oral cancer? During a routine dental checkup. Our hygienist can look for lesions, lumps, and other changes to the soft tissue that could indicate oral cancer.

Provide comprehensive and preventive care

Besides cleaning your teeth and gums to reduce your risk for decay and gum disease, Dr. Riyal and his team are focused on all the ways in which they can prevent dental problems from happening. Therefore, we can provide dental sealants to children at risk for cavities or make custom mouthguards for patients who grind their teeth at night. These simple preventive measures can preserve your smile in the long run.

Save time and money

If you skip out on these dental cleanings now at some point you’re going to deal with some pretty nasty problems that could have had a much easier and cheaper solution. We want to save you from needing extensive dental work, procedures, and surgeries by giving your smile the ultimate care it needs every six months.

Contact us

If you are looking for a dentist in Chicago that can provide your whole family with routine dental cleanings twice a year, then turn to Dr. Riyal and his team at Miswak Dentistry. We can work with your schedule to ensure that everyone gets the care they need. Call our office today at (773) 661-0330.


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