5 Tips to Maintain Your Child's Oral Health
By Miswak Dentistry
April 05, 2019
Category: Oral Health

Seeing your child's smile is one of the joys of your day, and caring for that smile is an important part of keeping your little one healthy. To child's oral healthhelp keep your child's oral health on track, Dr. Tariq Riyal of Miswak Dentistry in Ukrainian Village provides a full range of oral health care services to kids of all ages. Here are 5 tips to help keep your child's smile in its best shape!

1. Brush Twice a Day: Make sure that your child is brushing their teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste and a soft, kid-sized toothbrush. Do not use fluoridated toothpaste until your child is over 2 years old. When the toothbrush starts to look frayed, it's time to invest in a new one.

2. Floss Once a Day: You should start flossing your child's teeth even when they have only their baby teeth. Floss your child's teeth once a day, for this action is crucial for removing plaque and food particles that have accumulated between the teeth. Flossing regularly helps to prevent periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay.

3. Dental Checkups: Your child should have regular dental checkups every 6 months or as recommended by a dentist. Spending this quality time at the dentist's office will allow us to catch oral health problems at an early stage when they're still treatable.

4. Dental Cleanings: A dental cleaning is a procedure that involves removing plaque and tartar that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing. Regular dental cleanings can prevent decay, gum disease, and oral infections, as well as provide your child with good oral hygiene. Children should have their teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months (an event that can usually be scheduled on the same day as the checkup).

5. Fluoride Treatments: Research shows that fluoride can help prevent cavities by making teeth more decay-resistant and stronger overall. Dentists provide fluoride treatments in the form of a highly concentrated foam, rinse, gel, or varnish. The treatment may be applied with a brush, swab, tray, or mouthwash, from our office in the Ukrainian Village.

Your child deserves a healthy smile. Call Miswak Dentistry at 773-661-0330 right now to schedule a dental appointment in the Ukrainian Village. Regular dental visits will put your child on a healthy pathway that can continue throughout their life.


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