Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding
By Miswak Dentistry
March 23, 2018
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Many issues that affect the appearance of your teeth can be improved with cosmetic bonding. Dr. Tariq Riyal of Miswak Dentistry, located cosmetic bondingin Chicago, IL's Ukranian Village neighborhood, explains how bonding can enhance your smile.

What is cosmetic bonding?

This cost-effective cosmetic dentistry treatment is often used to conceal small, noticeable imperfections on your tooth enamel, such as bumps, pits, chips, or cracks. Cosmetic bonding involves adding small amounts of composite resin to your teeth. The flexible, glass- and plastic-based material not only hides flaws, but can also change the shape or length of teeth.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

  • Cosmetic bonding offers a simple way to change tooth shape simply by adding a little composite resin to your teeth. Although an oddly shaped tooth may not affect your bite, it can certainly affect your appearance.
  • Short teeth can make your smile look uneven or may affect your bite. The problem often occurs if you've worn down your enamel by grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. Although composite resin is tough, it will eventually wear away if you continue to grind or clench. When you visit our Ukranian Village office, we can fit you with a nightguard to protect your bonded teeth.
  • Adding a little composite resin offers an excellent way to fill small gaps. Gaps between teeth may make you feel very self-conscious about the way you look. Larger gaps require orthodontic treatment, but braces aren't needed if the spaces are fairly small.
  • Composite resin can also be used to fill teeth. The tooth-colored fillings offer a much more attractive appearance than silver amalgam fillings but are very durable.

Transform your smile with cosmetic bonding! Call Dr. Riyal of Miswak Dentistry at (773) 661-0330 to schedule a visit in his Ukranian Village, Chicago, IL, office.


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