Benefits of Dental Checkups
By Miswak Dentistry
August 25, 2021
Category: Oral Health

Most of us book a dental appointment only when a toothache occurs. No matter how religiously you follow your oral hygiene practice, a dental checkup every six months is a must. The Ukrainian Village dentists, Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski in Miswak Dentistry of Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, can provide dental checkups to detect cavities or other oral problems.

Dental checkups by your Ukrainian Village dentist

There are many benefits of dental checkups. Sometimes the patient has no clue that he or she had a cavity or that their teeth are getting loose. The dentist checks the overall health of the teeth, gums, and oral tissues. Dental checkups help to diagnose dental problems such as cavities, damaged teeth and fillings, and loose teeth.

Your Ukrainian village dentists, Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski at Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, carefully examine the tissues of the head and neck also for any swellings or abnormalities during checkups.

Certain oral problems can't be seen by examination. So dentists take X-rays to check for cavities between teeth, gum diseases, or root abnormalities. It is always better to treat it early before the condition has become severe. A regular dental checkup can also help to see if the patient has signs of oral cancer. As there may be no pain in the early stages of oral cancer, the patient may not notice any abnormality.

Often the patient's brushing technique is wrong which causes the build-up of deposits. Towards the end of the dental checkup, the dentist cleans the patient's teeth to remove hard deposits called plaque and gives advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene.

Don't miss your dental checkup

Oral diseases sometimes progress very quickly. It is recommended that you never miss your routine dental checkups to ensure your teeth and oral tissues stay healthy. To schedule your next dental checkup with our Ukrainian village dentists, Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski at Miswak Dentistry in Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, call (773) 661-0330 today.


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