Does Enamel Shaping Hurt?
By Miswak Dentistry
July 07, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Are you interested in enamel shaping but are concerned that it may be painful? Dr. Tariq Riyal, your dentist at Miswak Dentistry PC in enamel shapingChicago's Ukrainian Village, shares some information about this procedure that will put your mind at ease.

What is enamel shaping?

Dentist use enamel shaping to make small improvements to teeth, including:

  • Smoothing Rough Spots: Enamel shaping smooths rough edges that irritate your tongue or cheek. It's also used to even out the texture of a tooth.
  • Removing Pointed Edges: Do you hate your pointy teeth? During enamel shaping, your dentist re-contours your tooth to eliminate those points and improve your smile.
  • Correcting Small Size Discrepancies: When two adjoining teeth are noticeably different in size, enamel shaping is used to make them look more uniform. It's a good choice if you feel self-conscious because one of your front teeth is slightly longer than the other.
  • Eliminating Chips: Enamel reshaping offers a simple way to remove small chips at the ends of your teeth.
  • Remove Overlapping Areas: Crowding can cause teeth to overlap, preventing you from removing cavity-causing plaque from these area. Enamel shaping offers a simple way to remove the overlapping areas and reduce your risk of tooth decay.

Is enamel shaping painful?

Enamel shaping is one of the simplest dental procedures you'll ever undergo. Since your Ukrainian Village dentist in Chicago only removes a very small amount of tooth enamel during reshaping, you won't need any anesthetic. Although you may feel slight pressure on your teeth, the treatment won't be painful.

What happens during enamel shaping?

During enamel shaping, Dr. Riyal uses a sanding disc to remove small amounts of enamel, then uses another instrument to polish your tooth. Enamel shaping only takes one visit and can be accomplished in a half-hour or less. In some cases, enamel shaping may be accompanied by dental bonding, a procedure that uses composite resin, a flexible, plastic-based material, to hide imperfections or change the shape or appearance of a tooth.

A visit to Miswak Dentistry PC in Chicago's Ukrainian Village is an excellent way to improve your smile. Call your dentist, Dr. Riyal, at (773) 661-0330 to schedule an appointment to discuss enamel shaping. Transform your smile with enamel shaping!


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