Enamel Shaping and Cosmetic Contouring

Are you pleased with the appearance of your smile? Or do you worry that the flaws in your teeth are too noticeable, causing you teeth shapingdiscomfort and embarrassment?

If you’re not completely happy with your smile, it can affect the way you feel about yourself every day of your life.Dr. Tariq Riyal, your dentist in Ukrainian Village, wants you to know enamel shaping can be a simple solution to improve the shape of your teeth and give you a smile you’ll love to show off.

What Is Enamel Shaping?

Also called cosmetic contouring, enamel shaping involves removing small amounts of enamel to make fine alterations to the shape of the teeth. Enamel shaping can be used to adjust the shape of teeth that are:

  • Too long or pointy
  • Jagged
  • Misshapen
  • Chipped
  • Overlapping
  • Rough along the edges or surface

Cosmetic contouring is a quick, painless procedure--anesthetics are generally not needed. The positive effects on your smile are immediate and permanent.

Keep in mind that once enamel is removed, it can’t be replaced. However, another procedure called bonding can replace missing enamel with the same composite material used in fillings. Contouring and bonding are often performed together to give your teeth the perfect shape.

Contouring is best used for minor flaws in the teeth. If your concerns are more severe, other treatments may be recommended instead.

Dentist in Ukrainian Village

If you’re unhappy with the look of your smile, cosmetic contouring can put the perfect smile within reach. It’s a convenient, low-risk procedure that’s helped thousands of people become more proud to show off their smile.

For your general and cosmetic dentistry needs, contact your dentist in Ukrainian Village, Miswak Dentistry, today. We can help you find the best way to make minor or drastic changes to the appearance of your smile. To find out if enamel shaping is right for you, call (773) 661-0330 or request your appointment now.


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