The Benefits of Dental Crowns
By Miswak Dentistry
August 03, 2020
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Need a dental crown? Here’s what this tooth-shaped restoration can do for your smile.

Sure, dealing with decay or a broken tooth can be distressing, but luckily our Ukrainian Village, Chicago dentists Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski are here to help. Dental crowns tend to be the most popular restoration used to strengthen and restore a tooth after injury, decay, or an infection. Wondering how your smile could benefit from a dental crown? Talk to Miswak Dentistry today.

Protect Your Smile

A dental crown is a hollow cap that is made to look like the crown of a tooth, and it fits completely over the visible portion of a tooth where it is then bonded permanently in place. A crown protects a tooth and provides a strong, resilient barrier around it, which is particularly important for preventing further damage to a tooth. If you are dealing with a cracked, broken, or severely decayed tooth, then your Ukrainian Village Dentist may recommend a crown.

Say Goodbye to Tooth Loss

If you are planning to get a dental bridge or an implant to replace one or two missing teeth, you may not realize just yet that a dental crown will also play an important role in replacing your missing teeth and restoring your smile. After all, a dental bridge won’t be able to stay firmly in place without the help of dental crowns for support, and an implant isn’t complete without a crown cemented over the implant.

Make Chewing and Speaking Easier

Whether you are missing a tooth or you have a damaged tooth, we all know that this can make it more difficult to talk or chew properly. If you haven’t gotten the problem corrected as soon as possible, then you may also face nutritional deficiencies from not being able to eat the foods you need to sustain a healthy body. By placing a crown over the damaged or loose tooth, our dental team can redistribute weight evenly among your mouth so you can bite and chew with full confidence.

Have questions about getting a dental crown? Want to discuss your restorative dentistry options with one of our Ukrainian Village, Chicago family dentists? If so, then call Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas at Miswak Dentistry at (773) 661-0330 to schedule a consultation with us.


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