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By Miswak Dentistry
August 25, 2021
Category: Oral Health

Most of us book a dental appointment only when a toothache occurs. No matter how religiously you follow your oral hygiene practice, a dental checkup every six months is a must. The Ukrainian Village dentists, Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski in Miswak Dentistry of Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, can provide dental checkups to detect cavities or other oral problems.

Dental checkups by your Ukrainian Village dentist

There are many benefits of dental checkups. Sometimes the patient has no clue that he or she had a cavity or that their teeth are getting loose. The dentist checks the overall health of the teeth, gums, and oral tissues. Dental checkups help to diagnose dental problems such as cavities, damaged teeth and fillings, and loose teeth.

Your Ukrainian village dentists, Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski at Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, carefully examine the tissues of the head and neck also for any swellings or abnormalities during checkups.

Certain oral problems can't be seen by examination. So dentists take X-rays to check for cavities between teeth, gum diseases, or root abnormalities. It is always better to treat it early before the condition has become severe. A regular dental checkup can also help to see if the patient has signs of oral cancer. As there may be no pain in the early stages of oral cancer, the patient may not notice any abnormality.

Often the patient's brushing technique is wrong which causes the build-up of deposits. Towards the end of the dental checkup, the dentist cleans the patient's teeth to remove hard deposits called plaque and gives advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene.

Don't miss your dental checkup

Oral diseases sometimes progress very quickly. It is recommended that you never miss your routine dental checkups to ensure your teeth and oral tissues stay healthy. To schedule your next dental checkup with our Ukrainian village dentists, Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski at Miswak Dentistry in Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, call (773) 661-0330 today.


Getting your teeth whitened professionally can be a life-changing experience. Whiter teeth are associated with youth, health, vitality and even your level of professionalism in the workplace. Your dentist has the ability to improve the appearance of your teeth by up to eight shades in one short visit. Explore the following FAQs about teeth whitening so that you can decide if this cosmetic treatment is right for you.Teeth Whitening

Why is Professional Teeth Whitening the Best Option?
Over the counter whitening products are convenient but problematic for a number of reasons. For one, they take a long time to show results (sometimes weeks or months), if they ever do. Whitening kits that come with trays are ill-fitting and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. When you have your teeth whitened professionally, the treatment is finished within one day, in one appointment. There’s no need to disrupt your schedule by wearing a tray every day and little to no concerns about irritation of the gums since the procedure will be handled by a skilled dentist.

Who Is a Candidate?
Any patient with generally good dental health may be a candidate for professional teeth whitening. Keep in mind that some patients aren’t eligible for this treatment because they have stains that can’t be cleared with whitening gels. This is the case when the stain is “intrinsic,” which means the discoloration is at the inner layer of the tooth. Your dentist can tell you if your teeth can be successfully whitened at your initial consultation.

What Happens At A Teeth Whitening Appointment?
Set aside at least an hour of your time for your teeth whitening appointment. You’ll sit back in your chair as the dentist inserts a device to keep your lips separate from your teeth then applies the gel. You’ll wait for anywhere between 60-90 minutes until the whitening effect has set in. Many patients choose to have this treatment performed on a lunch hour.

How Long Will the Teeth Stay White?
You can expect to enjoy your new whiter smile for about one to two years or longer. The length of time your smile will last depends on you and your dental habits. If you go back to eating the same foods and drinking the same beverages that stained your teeth in the past, the problem is likely to return more quickly. Use a straw, brush regularly and see your dentist for cleanings twice per year.

Contact Your Dentist

You will be happy with the way that your smile looks after going to your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment. If you have more questions, call for an appointment today.

By Miswak Dentistry
June 17, 2021
Category: Oral Health
Tags: invisalign  

You’ve got numerous options when it comes to straightening your smile, each with its own set of benefits. Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski at Miswak Dentistry in the Ukrainian Village in Chicago, IL, can help you determine if Invisalign is the right treatment for you and will explain how Invisalign can benefit your smile.

Five Benefits of Invisalign

  1. Invisalign is Low Effort. With Invisalign from your dentist in the Ukrainian Village in Chicago, IL, you’ll wear your aligners for at least twenty hours a day, and that’s all you really have to do! You’ll be straightening your teeth in your sleep, and only taking your aligners off to brush, floss, eat, and drink.
  2. Invisalign is Nearly Invisible. Because Invisalign consists of different clear aligners that you’ll switch out as your treatment progresses, it’s almost completely invisible and no one will even notice that you’re straightening your teeth at all.
  3. There’s a Short Treatment Time. Depending on the severity of your case, Invisalign can last anywhere from nine to fifteen months, and you’ll be done! You’ll switch to a new aligner every few weeks and you’ll have to visit your dentist a few times to ensure that treatment is progressing as planned, but you’ll have the smile you’ve always dreamed of in no time.
  4. You Can Have the Smile You’ve Always Wanted! It’s never too late for orthodontic treatment and Invisalign can help you feel more comfortable showing off your smile in photos again!
  5. You Can Improve Your Oral Health. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just help give you the aesthetically pleasing smile you want but can also help keep your smile strong and free of built-up plaque and tartar. It’s hard to clean your teeth when they’re overlapped and crooked, and when you straighten your teeth with Invisalign, it will be much easier to clean your smile, keeping it healthy and bright!

Contact Your Dentists Today!

Don’t wait to give yourself the straight smile you deserve! Contact Dr. Riyal and Dr. Kaminski at Miswak Dentistry in Ukrainian Village in Chicago, IL, today at (773) 661-0330 to find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign!

By Miswak Dentistry
February 19, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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While dental implants really do work like your real teeth, they’re not vulnerable to dental issues like the tissues in your natural teeth. However, this doesn’t necessarily make their care and maintenance less crucial.

Our dentists, Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski, and our entire team here at Miswak Dentistry in Chicago, IL, always arm our patients with proper knowledge of dental implants maintenance after dental implantation surgery. In line with this, here are four tips to help keep your dental implants in top shape:

  1. Brush Your Teeth Thoroughly, But Gently

Cleaning your dental implants, including the crowns on top, is similar to how you would clean your real teeth. You must brush at least two times a day with fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft bristles. While brushing thoroughly is recommended to effectively eliminate plaque, it’s also vital to brush gently to avoid harming your gums. 

        2. Floss At Least Once A Day

For some people, flossing might be harder with dental implants. To remedy this, you can opt to use a floss threader that you can easily insert between the dental implants. You can likewise use a tiny interdental toothbrush that’s specifically designed to clean spaces between implants and teeth. Gargle with antimicrobial mouthwash after for further cleaning and protection.

        3.Protect Your Dental Implants

Yes, implants are very resilient and sturdy. They’re not, however, indestructible. Besides plaque control, you should never use your implants for other things, like chewing on pens, opening packages, or biting nails, apart from chewing food. These activities, done consistently over time, could damage and weaken your implants. Additionally, you should quit smoking. Aside from obvious health problems linked to tobacco use, the rates of gum disease are higher in smokers.

        4. See Your Dentist For Regular Teeth Cleanings and Oral Health Exams

During these vital visits to your dentist in the Ukrainian Village, IL, your dental implants will also be professionally cleaned and thoroughly inspected to make sure that they’re still working properly and are in good shape. Any potential issues like an inflamed area or loosened screw can be resolved right away before it becomes harder to treat.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to Us For Questions or More Advice on Caring for Your Dental Implants. Call Miswak Dentistry in Chicago, IL, at (773) 661-0330 to get in touch with Dr. Riyal or Dr. Kaminski today!

By Miswak Dentistry
January 29, 2021
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Inlays   Onlays  

Sometimes a simple dental filling is not sufficient to restore a tooth affected by decay. Yet the tooth might not be so damaged that it needs to be capped with a dental crown. In such cases, an inlay or an onlay might be the right option for restoring the tooth. Dr. Tariq Riyal and Dr. Thomas Kaminski, the skilled dentists at Miswak Dentistry in Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, can determine if inlays or onlays can be used to restore your damaged tooth.

What are Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays are restorations that can be thought of as indirect fillings. Regular dental fillings, or direct fillings, are applied directly to the tooth right away when treating a cavity. Inlays and onlays are applied later during a subsequent appointment.

After removing all signs of decay, instead of immediately filling the tooth, a physical or digital impression is made. The impression will be used by a dental laboratory to fabricate a metal, ceramic, or resin restoration. In the interim, a temporary filling is attached to the affected tooth to protect it until the inlay or onlay is ready. Once ready, the patient returns to the dental office to have the restoration placed on the corresponding tooth.

Inlays and onlays are typically used to restore teeth or molars. Restorations that fit within or between the small points or cusps of a molar are called inlays. If the restoration covers one or more of the points or cusps it is referred to as an onlay. The experienced dentists at our office in Ukrainian Village, IL, can restore your tooth with an inlay or onlay.

Benefits of Inlays and Onlays

There are many benefits to restoring damaged teeth with inlays or onlays. For instance, they are strong, durable, and can last for many years. Another significant advantage of these restorations is that less drilling is needed to place an inlay or onlay as compared to a dental crown, which requires significant reshaping of the natural tooth.

Five reasons to choose inlay and onlay restorations include:

  • Strengthening and restoring teeth damaged by decay
  • Stopping decay from spreading
  • Restoring teeth damaged by decay
  • Preserving more natural tooth structure than crowns
  • Restoring biting and chewing functions

There are many reasons to choose an inlay or onlay restoration to repair a damaged tooth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Riyal or Dr. Kaminski to learn more about inlays and onlays by calling Miswak Dentistry in Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, at (773) 661-0330.

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